since 2017, we are actively trying to bring awareness to ENVIRONMENTAL issues that matter to the lives of windsorites .

Each human has four endowments- self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.
— Stephen Covey

Twenty decades of research, cumulatively assessed in a 2013 survey of over 4000 academic papers, found that there is 97% consensus: humans are causing climate change. Yet it is still a topic of debate. It is of little relief when a nearby global power calls climate change a Chinese hoax, removes itself from the Paris Agreement, and makes a well-known climate change denier the head of his EPA transition team. Such actions threaten Earth at a global and local scale, making it imperative that we play our part in fighting catastrophic consequences of political meringue. 

The City of Windsor is not immune to climate change.

The City of Windsor created a Climate Change Adaptation Plan in September 2012, citing that the city had undergone an average temperature increase of 1 degree C since 1940. In comparison, ongoing NASA analysis estimates a 0.8 degree C temperature increase on Earth since 1880.

"Hot" days in Windsor ( >30 C/ 86 F) could quadruple by 2071, heightening levels of heat-related illnesses. Natural disasters could continue their increased frequency all over Ontario. These are changes that would affect our front yards. These are personal penalties. 

And now our world is different. The climate has been permanently altered and is on an escalating vector of change, not because of what we are going to put into the atmosphere in the future but as a consequence of what we have already done.
— Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, 2009/2010 Annual Report

Communities can become stalwarts for initiating environmental-friendly action.

Climate change demands urgent attention; from you, from me, from US.

We know that expositions do little to affect action. This is why our aims are:

  • to help Windsor use simple yet effective strategies to reduce our carbon footprint
  • to spread awareness of how small changes in our daily lifestyle can have long-lasting positive environmental effects


  • We will share ideas on everyday sustainability and local actions Windsorites can partake in.
  • Our live twitter feed will enable you to keep up with climate change based local events and more!
  • We will disseminate research on climate change, keeping you updated and informed on new scientific developments.
  • You will receive news on how Windsor's environmental policies are evolving.

Become a part of the change.

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