Niharika B.

Niharika Bandaru is the coordinator of and a writer for Windsor of Change. She graduated from UWindsor with a BASc. in Environmental Engineering.  She moved to Windsor eight years ago and fell in love with the city’s naturescape, its people and its diversity. In the March of 2017, she attended a Climate Reality Project Training in Colorado, where she was trained to be a Volunteer Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore. This is when she decided to use her knowledge of climate change, her love for the city and her passion for the environment to help bring awareness to local climate change issues and explore their solutions. 


Prabarna g.

Prabarna Ganguly is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology at Northeastern University. Her research focuses on the impact of early life stressors such as maternal separation on neurological and behavioral abnormalities that appear later in life. Being a contributor for Windsor of Change is her chance to learn, understand and communicate the critical changes that Mother Nature is undergoing. Sufficiently armed with a love for science, her hope is to make small changes in the way she (and maybe we) interact with Earth, one post at a time. Check out her twitter @prabarna for more science-related fun!

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Stefano Nicola is a Research & Development Engineer. Born in Ivrea (Italy), not far from the French-Italian Alps, he grew up in Rome, but kept coming back to the untouched alpine landscapes throughout the years. “Adopted” by Windsor in 2009, he surrounded himself with plenty of “tree-hugging” friends that gave him an appreciation for an environment-conscious lifestyle to pair with his love for nature. He hopes to share his passion for this beautiful revolving sphere, while helping others learn about the effects of climate change.

pumudu k.

Pumudu Karunaratne completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Communication Studies at UWindsor in 2010. During his time in Windsor, Pumudu extensively lead volunteer efforts to assist new students in transitioning to life in University. He is passionate about causes such as equal rights, environmental protection, and promoting diversity. Pumudu also possesses an MBA from the University of West London in the UK, where he wrote a dissertation on how ethical behavior differs based on gender amongst business students, regardless of culture. With climate change being a critical issue, Pumudu felt Windsor of Change was the perfect opportunity to give something back to the city where he spent his college years, and contribute to it's future.