Welcome to WOC

Windsor of Change (all pun intended), is a community based blog about climate change and how Windsor will be affected by it.

Why does Windsor need this blog? The monumental Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2016 by an unprecedented 174 countries. One hundred and seventy-four countries! Canada promised to be one of the champions of climate change mitigation –

“Today, with my signature, I give you our word that Canada’s efforts will not cease…Climate change will test our intelligence, our compassion and our will. But we are equal to that challenge”, said our mascot Trudeau (if you need to know more about this mysterious man, Google “Prime Minister of Canada”).

This blog hopes to be the answer to that question and more. It hopes to put climate change in the context of our beloved city Windsor, and how we could/ would be affected by it. And most importantly, what we can do as a community.

Far too often we are shown images of far off places, disconnected from our daily surroundings, being affected by famines or destroyed by hurricanes. We sympathize, and move on. The point of this blog is to explore and understand the implications of climate change for OUR neighbourhoods, OUR food production, OUR daily commutes and OUR looming future. The point of this blog is not to catastrophize or make political statements. The point of this blog is to state facts and be able to SYMPATHIZE and ACT.

Now, whether you are a 10 year old budding blossom, or an 80 year old veteran of the city, I promise you, the little team at Windsor of Change will have plenty for you. We will learn a myriad of different things – from identifying local issues, to recycling correctly, to talking to your civic authorities on the city’s rightful sustainable needs.

With that, I leave you to explore this blog. As with any democratic venture, feel free to contact us with ideas, suggestions, and comments – we would love to hear from you! However, ad hominem and personal attacks are unbecoming of the Windsor spirit and completely needless, so we ask you to be mindful of that.

See you around!