Solve This Climate Puzzle

When it comes to solutions for combating climate change, some are pretty obvious.

Well, maybe not entirely.


Switching to clean, renewable energy would be a no-brainer. For example, if 21.6% of the world’s energy can be produced by wind farms by the year 2050, it would eliminate 84.6 gigatons of emissions.


Similarly, if 40% of urban travellers used public transport such as subways, buses, or trains by the same year, it would slash emissions by 6.6 gigatons. Not as impressive as wind farms, but still significant.


Going vegan or vegetarian is another idea that has been catching on with those who are environmentally conscious. If half the world were to go vegetarian by 2050, it would eliminate emissions by 26.7 gigatons. That makes for a pretty compelling argument , doesn't it?


However, a less glamorous is seen as more effective than all of the ones mentioned above. Writing in the New York Times, Lisa Friedman notes that curbing 87 percent of the climate change pollutants found in air-conditioners by 2050 could eliminate 89.7 gigatons of emissions. With the rise in temperatures world-wide, countries from Asia to Africa are relying more and more on air conditioners, which are poorly manufactured, with lax standards. Sad!

It isn’t as glamorous as electric cars or solar paneling, but it makes for a fascinating case. Read more here, "If You Fix This, You Fix a Big Piece of the Climate Puzzle".

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*1 gigaton  = 1 billion tons

                  = More than 100 million African elephants in weight**

                  = More than 6 million blue whales in weight**


(**Source: The Washington Post, "To truly grasp what we’re doing to the planet, you need to understand this gigantic measurement")